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Ah, the world of custom computer casing – it’s insane what these nerds can and will do. Not just the the sissy stuff though – I’m talking hardcore. Like…what if your toaster stopped working? Or that you would rather download pornography with it instead of making toast? Then BAM – mod that sucker. There’s a whole bunch of rather extraordinary attempts in turning things lying aruond the house to computers here, but to be fair, they use Mini-ITX motherboards which are apparently much smaller than conventional ones. But heck, these guys can turn pretty much anything into computers. They got a picture frame, brief cases, a Batman lunchbox, and even consoles – a Dreamcast, PS2, PS1, Sega Saturn, and even the first generation NES. Though you don’t need to worry – the Dreamcast was already busted. My personal favourite? The transformation of an E.T. plush toy into The E.T.PC.

And for all you overclocking fanatics who worry about melting your computer – what better cooling system is there than a damn fridge? I’d imagine these particular nerds had to be pretty damn gutsy and smart to do it – that or incredibly stupid. Because they managed to pipe the Freon through a copper chamber connected to the CPU – Freon being…kinda poisonous. But hey – it’s all good in the name of custom computer casing!



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