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I’ll make this quick, because I’m exhausted, and hovering in and out of sleep. I have a bunch of links and I was trying to think of clever and witty ways to string them together…but then I couldn’t, so I gave up.

Here’s a shot of a real long fooz ball (“Foos ball?” “Table soccer?”) table. It’d suck if the ball was on the other end of the table – you’d have to wait half an hour before it came to you. But I think it’d be crazy with one-on-one or maybe even teams of two or three. Running up and down the table and stuff…probably more of an endurance test more than anything though.

Teh lowest note evar…is apparently a B-flat, produced by a black hole 250 million light years away. So apparently – if I got my astrophysics right – if I made a piano 57 times longer…I could make a galaxy cluster. That, or implode the Milky Way. …ho ho, what a fantastic comic book story idea!

Some weird Flash movie. Stickmen (though not technically stickmen, I guess) killing other stickmen. Cool music, especially the banjo-ish vibe. And yes…I think that’s Jesus. I don’t get it either.

What’s that? Yes sir, it’s time for yet another optical illusion! So how dirty is your mind? First, take a look at this picture. And then count how long it takes you to see the nine dolphins. And thus, the amount of mind dirt you have is directly proportional to the amount of time required. ..and yes, I assure you that there are indeed dolphins in the picture.

…quickly, someone spot me $69,000…US. It’s for uh…tuition. Yeah…tuition.

Oh, and apparently according to my mum, I was on television today. Allegedly, I got at least five whole seconds of solid air-time on some university segment for the news on the chinese channel. …you know, channel 36? And it’s solid prominent stuff too, like just me walking towards the camera. …though it’s possible my mommy exaggerated to make me feel specialler. Though I do remember coming across two chinese guys (one had a cigarette), a big camera, and a van during the course of my day today. Keep watching – next month I’ll work my way up to having my own special on Comedy Central. It gets real sweet at that point.



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