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You know, I could reasonably be accused of the above and if you think that, well…you’re a straight shooter. And I can’t fault you for that.

Yep, I was looking at the site and I realized that my last post had now been pushed off and relegated to to oblivion, so I had to get my name back out there!

I think my role will be to play the official sad sack of the group. I loves my drama, and so today’s post will be accompanied by the song Pick A Part That’s New by The Stereophonics (download it, okay?)


Six Weeks Ago

New friends.

There’s few things in life that excite my emotions as much as trying to meet new friends. It’s fun, but it can also be frustrating and nerve-wracking. It can be uplifting…or soul-crushing. You can meet people who you find completely fascinating and you can meet people who make you realized just how dull you are.

At frosh week, I met a bunch of great people. I feel…good when I’m around them. Real good. Of course, things are never perfect. Right now I’m in that phase where I can’t get enough of these people. You know, that part of a friendship where you don’t know everything about each other yet, and each time you get together it’s an adventure (whould you like some whine with that cheese?). I love that part. Unfortunately, I know where all this is going. Or, to be more precise, where it isn’t.

As with all good things, this period must come to an end. Eventually, you know TOO MUCH about each other. Suddenly, hanging out becomes tedious, a chore. I mean, everyone’s still friendly, but the initial thrill is gone. I’m nothing if not an amusing novelty. And so, we enter the equivalent of friendship purgatory, I’ve doen it countless times. It’s like having to watch a movie that you already know the ending to. And the movies sucks.

I miss my old friends.


The Present


Have You Ever Had To Make Up Your Mind? – The Lovin’ Spoonfuls

So how are things now? Well, they’re good. Luckily, I have not been able to see these people that much so they haven’t gotten sick of me yet. Except this one girl (more on this in a minute). So while I’ve already drifted away from some of the initial frosh peeps, I’ve gotten closer to others.

Especially this one girl. I haven’t got to see her that much, we don’t have any classes together but she’s…something else, you know? And she’s not my usual kind of gal, no big ass, big hair, breasts poppin’ out of her turtle neck and shit…(kidding, kidding!) No, she’s sweet. That’s definitely the best word I can think of. She’s so sweet and genuine and really, she should be having nothing to do with me. But I like her a lot. We don’t do things when we see each other, we just talk. And talk and talk. We both like the film “Rudy”. She’s one of those girls who laughs at everything. I made her blush. She’s just the kind of girl that a guy should have an innocent “crush” on.

But I’m not capable of that anymore.


Got Some Teeth – Obie Trice

There’s way too many sweet ass bitches up in U of T for me to just settle down with one shawty, you knowumsayin’? A playa like me has got to bang and ball with the best of em’, ya feel me? I can’t let the beautiful babies on campus be deprived of my magnificence. I’m thuggin’ and buggin’, ya feel me? You think that one woman can handle Alex “God’s Son” Lee? You must be straight trippin’, boo! Holla!

On the other hand…she’s swell. To be continued…

SNL Post of the Week:

Speed Reader – I told you I’d put this up. Admittedly, it’s not as funny without the idiosyncracies of Will Forte, the next Will Ferrell. Hey, wait, did you notice they have the same first name? And initials? He’s definitely the second coming, I tells ya!

Retro SNL Post of the Week:

Who’s More Grizzled? – Geez, where do you begin when praising this skit? I won’t ruin it, but I’ll just say this: “Got a strong back, we can use you!”

One of the best Comic Strips of the last decade – Unfortunately, it ain’t free. It comes in tiny Zine’ form, but I assure you it is fantastic. Read the samples in the “Cartoon Listings” section at least. Check out “I Don’t Think I’ll Mind Getting Old”.

That’s all (and I know, it was a lot) for now!

Later, Chacos!



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