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There’s Hell And Then There’s Having The New Strokes Song In Your Head ALL DAY

Even though it kicks ass.


12:51 – The Strokes (dur…)

Don’t you hate when you’re waiting all day to write in your blog because you’re in class and you’re insanely bored but then when you get home, you’re all relaxed and you forget what you wanted to write in the first place.

Yep…(uncomfortable whistle)…so…(checks watch)

Ah screw it, I’ll just talk about the Raptors!

Suffice to say, Wednesday’s season opener was so many things: Exciting, frightening, piss-inducing and in the end…life-affirming. There’s nothing like defending your team for over a year and then having them reward you with a gutsy win. Even better, it was all thanks to one of the most maligned players in the NBA today, my boy, Vince Carter. He was unstoppable. I won’t go on too much for the sake of all you non-ball fans out there, but suffice to say I won’t be forgetting this game for a long time. Mr. Carter has given me a memory that I won’t soon forget.

And as of this posting, the Raptors have squeaked out another win over the Washington Wizards. And yes, VC was prominently involved.

A quick update on my girl situation. We were all supposed to go this Halloween party today, but no one wanted to go so…that’s what happened. She said she’d call me if we were still going to do something so I waited…and waited…and hung with Will…and waited…AND SHE DIDN’T CALL!!!


I’m just playing. To be honest…I’m strangely unaffected. Normally the above reaction would be appropriate for me, but instead…I’m cool with it. I think I might be starting to get a little too comfortable with this girl.

It’s just that, you know…I mean…she’s swell…*sigh*

In case I don’t get to it this weekend…

Retro SNL Post of the Week:

The Christmas Kangaroo – The Alley: Hugh Jackman. The Oop: Bestial sodomy.

Since They Showed the Best of Tracy Morgan Last Week – It’s only a guest spot, but Tracy is classic as “Black Man in Rear of Theatre”. He’ll be missed.

And now, for all you basketball fans out there.

Rick Brunson’s Fan Site – There are no words…

Good night and God bless.



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