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The Big Hit #7

Wow, this site actually updates with new posts like everyday now. Incredible. Now whether that’s a good thing, that’s for you to decide. I’ve been in the gym for the past 2 hours and just 5 minutes ago, they had to close it down for an indoor soccer game. Seeing that I still have 1 hour left in my break, I decided to post here. Why? That’s because I have no friends and have no where to go hangout beyond the gym.

Let me tell you a little something about Monday. I was walking down the stairs from my 5th floor Design class when a girl paused right infront of me. She held her head with her hand and seemed kinda groggy. Being the gentleman I am, I asked if she was alright. She didn’t say anything. So I asked her again, and before I could even see her face, she tumbled down 6 steps of stairs and started to FUCKING SEIZURE ON THE GROUND. She was spasming on the ground and her eyes were rolled back into her friggin’ skull! Quickly, I took my jacket off and placed it under her head while she was spasming to prevent any further head injuries and told some dude to call for help. After about 16 seconds of seizuring, she passed out.

So instinctively I recalled my lifesaving skills and did a routine check on her. Breathing. Check. Pulse. Check. Phew. Luckily within 7 or 8 minutes paramedics got to the scene and carried her away on a stretcher, so that was the end of that. Yeeeeeikes, that was ROUGH. I couldn’t walk straight for the next half-hour and I just sat on the ground during my break. I decided to skip my typography class after this incident and just go home and sleep on it.

Btw, is anyone going to school on friday after commencement? I’m really tempted not to go on friday cause I only have 1 class. Someone please tell me, because I need an excuse not to go. (That’s terrible I know.)

Ohh, another thing worth noting is that I got dunked on by a big black guy.


BG1: “Oh shit man did you that kid?! He just got teabagged by Raz!”

BG2: “Yeah man, that kid just had a faceful!”

Max: “Yo that was a charge man!” (jokingly)

Raz: (helping me up) “You were standing in the circle.”

Max: “No, I really wasn’t.”

Raz: “Yeah I know, but I still teabagged you.”

Max: “…yea, didn’t enjoy that.”

Thankfully it was all in good fun, cause I’m friends with this guy, but nonetheless it was embarassing.

Since I’m making this post from school, I don’t have any links to throw up so that will have to wait till next week. Also note how both last week and this week I didn’t post on friday because I don’t have that kinda commitment. So from now on I’ll just post whenever.

I’m out. Jordan!

p.s. Watch “The O.C.”. Excellent show.



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