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It’s Been A Good Day (Or Two)


I See White People

Just got back from Guelph.


So Far Away – Carole King

It was great, real great. It started off with a minor speed bump, but other than that it was…(turns into Tom Cruise talking about Scientology) extraordinary. It was…extraordinary. I can’t even…it was…it was extraordinary. (repeat until annoyed)

And yes, William is the only one who will get that joke, but I don’t care.

Anyways, when I got there, I had a little time mix-up with Annia. She thought that I was leaving Toronto at 3:15 and I thought I told her that I was leaving at 3:15, so regardless of who was in error I ended up waiting at the Guelph Greyhound station for the better part of 2 hours. Luckily, I am a very patient man. I sat around, watched the people come and go, made small talk with the locals…

Ah, who am I kidding? The station had one of those old Neo Geo machines that contain four games. This one had:

Puzzle de Con – Yet another sequel to Puzzle Bobble, but with a slightly different objective. I’d never heard of it before.

Some Stupid Golf Game – Stupid.

Aero Fighters 3 – Totally kick ass! I didn’t play it while I was there, but I’ve logged tons of hours in this game on my emulator. One of the most underrated shooters of the 90s.

And of course…

Magical Drop 2 – How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Anyone who has had to hang around me in the last couple of years knows that I am obsessed with Magical Drop 2. It’s inarguably my favourite puzzle game of all time (at least off the top of my head), and I HATE puzzle games! But this one rocks. I won’t bother you with the basic premise of the game, if you’ve played an “up-down” 2D puzzle game before, you get the idea, but I just love this one above all others. Probably because I dominate so much at it. I can say, with plenty of confidence, I am the best Magical Drop 2 player in all of North America. Not in Asia, because the game is pretty fobby.

So in my boredom, I managed to get the no.1 score on the game, leaving my initials on the highscore list. That’s a piece of me that Guelph will never get rid of. Don’t F with “ALX”.

Eventually Annia came to get me and the adventure began!

Let me just say that I don’t think I will ever get used to travelling. Even though Guelph was hardly as foreign as, say, Peru (shiver), I still had that feeling of being lost. Luckily, Annia was around to hold my hand.

After seeing some of the campus and dropping my stuff off in her room, we headed out to get something to eat. She took me to this cool sports bar, where I did my best to mingle with her friends, who were thankfully Chinese. I say thankfully because as the subtitle above suggests, THERE WERE A LOT OF WHITE PEOPLE IN GUELPH!!! You could not go a stones throw without hitting some white dude. Trust me, I tried.

Anyway, yeah, Annia’s friends were a’ight. It helped that I could just block them out because the big screen in the bar was showing the Sixers-Celtics game. Also, her friend Erin, was nice. And there was a big black guy named Big Mike.

Later (or was this before dinner?), I forced her to help me out with this REALLY boring psychological experiment. Annia, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry.

After that exercise, she decided it would be a good idea to go bar hopping with Andrew “Butt”-ler, Amy “Not So” Quick and Mr. “I Have No Life” Fife. Har Har. I’m just kidding, they’re good people. I knew that this was a bad idea. Let’s just say that I don’t trust any of those three to take care of me in the situation that I’ve had too much to drink (meaning: two beers). After getting thrown out of one bar (because Andrew’s borrowed ID didn’t clear, bwahahaha!), we waited about 20 minutes for Mr. Fife to show up and when he did, it wasn’t worth it. He brought his crew of ne’er do well middle agers along and we couldn’t really get in to any place they wanted to go, so we let Andrew and Amy run off with them while we wandered around downtown looking for a quiet place to talk.

There wasn’t anything downtown, so we went back to campus and she took us to this perfect little cafe. All chic with the nice furniture and the ambience and things of that nature.

We finished the night off by kicking it in the lobby while watching Conan O’Brien. Then we went back to her room and yes, I slept on the floor. You perverts.

I should mention that I ran into Mr. Jeff Lindquist and after talking for a bit, this exchange occured:

Annia: Don’t you guys need to catch up on things?

Alex: (trying to get rid of Jeff) We are caught up!

Jeff: (trying to leave) Yeah!

Alex: I can see that you’re wearing a hat now!

Jeff: And you now suck at basketball!

Alex: Right! We’re all caught up! I’ll see you later buddy!

Jeff: Bye Al!

Annia: ?

It’s a bit funnier when you understand the context. Suffice to say, it’s just a funny example of how women will never understand how guys get along.

We spent Saturday shopping all day, which plum tuckered me out. That’s why my synopsis here is a little short on details.

All you need to know though is that I had a great time and I feel rejuvenated…but exhausted.

I’m going to go eat and sleep now.

SNL Post Of The Week:

Two times!

Gay Jokes – Let me just say that the Alec Baldwin episode kicked ass last week. This was one of the better sketches, but I’m only posting it because, well, the next one doesn’t work so well in print.

Zing! – An instant classic! So classic, I’m not even posting a retro (read: I’m lazy). But like I said, this skit is not that fun to read. You can tell just by skimming it that without being able to see the actualy physical comedy, it’s kind of pointless. However, I have to post it in respect for it’s excellence. I speak of this skit in hushed tones.

The ever lovin’ end.



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