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Sad Bastard Music

Nah, I’m not depressed again. In fact, I had a pretty good day. It involved me spending my whole psych seminar flirting with this girl, then walking her back to her room, then chilling in her room for a bit and then…well, you know.

However, I just had to write about the daily commute.


Save Me – Aimee Mann

Anyone who takes the bus or the subway or the GO train can relate to that “someone crapped in my cereal” feeling of riding the public transit. I don’t konw how or when it happened, but somewhere along the way I became just another jaded commuter.

It’s just so freaking boring. Though the concept of remaining personally at rest, yet still moving has always fascinated me (read: riding a bus), the novelty wore off by the end of my first day. It doesn’t help that everyone looks more like they want to jump in front of the train as opposed to on it.

Shoes. It all comes down to shoes.

When you’re commuting, you stare at a lot of shoes. Why? A final, desperate attempt to avoid eye contact. When the bus is full and you can’t stare ahead or to the side or at any other angle, you’ve got to look down and what do you see?


What happens if you accidentily make eye contact with someone? Usually you both try to quickly look away and pretend it never happened. Sometimes you see anger, sometimes sadness.

And sometimes you catch that look in someone’s eyes where you can’t break away, as if they’re saying, “Somebody help me.”

But the look in your eyes says, “I’m sorry. I can’t.”



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