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You’d be amazed at what kids are up to these days. Just a quick word of advice – the following links (maybe just the second one) are not for the easily offended. The simple act of knowing me is not for the easily offended, but for some reason, we’re getting visitors that I’ve never met before.

This is a commercial. Harmless, really – it barely qualifies for a warning, but it just might not be a great idea to watch it alongside your parents.

But this one here…this is the thinker. I was deliberating whether or not to post this one…but I figured the hilarity outweighed the disturbing. But only barely. As it says on the page I linked, this is a 14 minute long pilot for a deranged version of Sesame Street. Keyword is deranged. Made by Vernon Chatman, a former writer for South Park and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Once again – not for the easily offended. But there’s parts that I can’t help but laugh at. Shock humour at its best, my friends. If you can stand the Letter N bit (“Let’s take this party downstairs…”), then I think you can take the hot dog factory (“Hot dogs give me energy to fight off my daddy!”). But if the hot dog factory wasn’t too cool, then it might be a good idea to skip the “funny not funny” segment. Because that one…that one’s just disturbing. Especially that part with the fucking clown. And it just gets worse from that point on. The turkey’s got some shock humour at least…but I could see how the bit with the fox could just ruin your day. Or your week. …or your life.

If your sense of humour’s anything like mine (madcap, offensive, with a side of deranged) then you should click, click, click. But if you’re one of those easily offended people (like most, normal members of society) then it’s probably a good idea to skip out on the video.

Easily my most offensive link for The WAMBAG, but how can you not love lines like this: “What do you call a man with no arms and no legs, on your door step? Fair warning.” And delivered by a 6 year-old! Too good!

Oh, here’s two mirrors, in case the link screws up or something. Actually, just use these, because the fellow with the site says his bandwidth is starting to max out. Mirror 1, and Mirror 2. Have fun. And don’t sue me.



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