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I think you guys take the WAMBAG for granted. Do you see a banner ad at the top of this site? Or a little bit of corporate sponsorship? No. Because we’re better than that. We’re not going to sell out. Trust me, if we had the chance, we would have done that a long time ago. But we didn’t. Partly because we can’t, but mostly because we care. About you. The reader. Do you think it’s free to keep this site running on the complimentary Rogers webspace that comes with Gary’s internet connection? The word you are looking for is NO. It’s not.

To be blunt, this joint ain’t making us the moneys, baby. And that’s why I barely post in this shithole.

But that will all change. Why wait for the sponsorship to come to you, when you can make your very own “corporate sponsor”? And unfortunately, I don’t mean selling cannabis (A little italicizing of latin/scientific terms there. I won’t lose marks today, vindictive Bio TA. Not today.), because that’s too legal. No, I’m thinking something more underhanded.

Of course, I can’t think about one topic for more than a half minute, so whatever. We’ll sell weed. But to appropriate the start up funds, I think we should start our own official WAMBAG restaurant chain. Now I know Canadians like Donuts. And we are in Canada. So the logical next step is to open a WAMBAG donut store. But the T.Ho’s got that market covered. So I’m thinking of something a little more unconventional. Something like…


It’s healthy, AND has a mallet. You can’t go wrong with those two great tastes.

In conclusion, I just wanted an excuse to post a very bad pun involving our site name. Now where can I get some pot?



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