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Gettin’ Reprieve From The Heat In The Frozen Food Section


The Weight – The Band

Regarding this week’s soundtrack, I thought for years that the main line in the chorus was this:

Take a load off Manny, take a load for free

But it’s actually:

Take a load off Annie, take a load for free

This changes everything.

So it was my second day of work today (Food Basics, 14th and Markham for anyone who doesn’t know) and it was a lot easier than the first day. Monday I had to remove all this stuff from the frozen food section so that they could check for a leak, then put it all back. Whoopee! Today, I was still in frozen food, but at least now I was handling bags of milk and ice cream so it was a lot easier. My back felt soooo much better today. Some random notes:

* Haven’t really befriended any of my coworkers yet. Of course, all us Chinese guys help each other out but we haven’t gotten to the point of small talk yet. No one is laughing at my toilet cleaning jokes. Fuckers.

* There’s this one white guy who I thought was a decent fellow. I didn’t talk to him at all, but I liked the cut of his gib. I thought he would make a perfect addition to my entourage of Caucasian Bullet Shields (hi Lee, Dan and Tom!), but then I saw him in his regular clothes as he was leaving. Total whigger.

* It’s really lax around there. They tell you to do something and then they just leave you to it. I could slack off for half an hour and no one would ever know. Not that I would. I’m just saying.

* No hot chicks yet. Co-worker or customer.

Oh yeah, I spent yesterday with Natasha. We watched The Terminal. It was pretty good. It was distracting watching it with her because she talks a lot (ugh) and she’s super affectionate (nice). Then she drove me home and I played guitar for her for an hour. I screwed up, like, every song but she thinks I’m amazing. Ha ha, I sure am.

One last thing. Since I had to use my adjustable knife (they gave me a freakin’ knife!) a lot today, this line kept popping into my head:

“The frost. Sometimes it makes the blade stick.”



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