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I have found ultimate hilarity. And expectably so – I have found it in the forums.

I’m talking about the Shaq Fu forums over at GAmeFAQs.com. Just imagine a Van Helsing forum full of people like me, and you pretty much have it.

It’s brilliance. They’ve created some sort of religious cult to pay respect to the Church of Diesel known as the SFA (Shaq Fu Alliance?), where Kobe is their devil. Any haters that come to speak badly of the game are labelled fools and racists because – seriously – why would you hate on this game?

I particularly enjoyed the Shaq Fu vs. Street Fighter II thread (all ten pages of it), and the Shaq-Fu got stolen from K-Mart one, wherein someone replies “I don’t know… that’s sort of like saying it’s wrong to steal bread to feed your starving family.” So true.

Now the confession referenced in that last thread is here, from grouphug.us – a site for “anonymous online confessions.” Which is also an interesting site to check out if you have six hours to kill (not unlike me!). However, I warn you…the site is sometimes a little bit disturbing. And just overall disturbingly addictive – much like bash.org. Also, for some reason – almost all of these have to do with sex. What is wrong with today’s society? …but still, I spent like an hour last night going through these randomly…and to tell the truth – I feel a lot better about myself now.

Some highlights (I’ll make ’em all open in the same new window so you don’t need to keep closing them!):

006169613 – …heh



229246871 – hahaha “deep fried advances”





182264665 – bwahahaha – Brother Bear?


102931368 – “glory was mine!!!”



110259185 – lol, what fuck?


369324469 – it’s trying to tell you to stop reading Preacher

…goddamn, didn’t realize I had so many. Just be careful if you ever browse by yourself – some of the stuff is pretty out there. And it actually gets kinda depressing after a while. But at least I’M not that screwed up!

(Oh, and if anyone’s still looking for summer employment, the company I work at has an opening for an administrative data entry job. The building might be a bit far, at Eglinton and Don Mills. But hey – you get to hang out with The Yak everyday for lunch. Drop me a line if you know someone who’s interested. This offer is for a limited time only.)



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