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I think it’s time to weigh in on this whole confessions and group hugs and other warm fuzzy crap. My sister got the first season of Gilmore Girls on DVD, and I finished the first season with her in two marathon sessions. Because… I like it. I know, it’s sick. If there was any doubt as to whether I was devoid of testoterone, there is no doubt now. Gilmore Girls is like a Dementor, except that instead of sucking out someone’s life-essence, they suck out testosterone. And you get that wacky blurred image effect on your face. And you LIKE IT. God I hate myself.

In other news, I sent a fan letter to Keira Knightley a while ago with my favourite pirate-loving wookie, and I’m leaving in a few days to hunt her down in Europe and demand a response. A little bit of “bitch, where’s my autograph?” Although, it’ll more likely come out as “I you fan best you so pirates airbrushed cleavage dyslexia.” Wish me luck. And remember folks – if she gets a restraining order because of me, then I’ll probably be given paper work that she’s already signed. Autograph? I do think so. Mission accomplished.



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