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I admit it. I’m not a comic man. Never have been. The parents always thought comics rotted the brain, and so the graphic novels were banned from the house. Then, they plopped me in front of the TV for hours on end. And look who got the last laugh (it would probably be me, if I wasn’t so brain dead from all the TV)? So instead of reading issue upon issue of the adventures of heroes like Spider-man, I watched them instead. And if you want vintage sweetness, you can look no further than the old Spider-man TV show (the one with the theme “Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can”). That show is the stuff they put in the middle of vintage sweetness to give it that soft, creamy interior.


When you’re traipsing across Europe, there are almost no constants in the violent sea that is European cable television. Depending on what country you’re in, you’re in for a freak show of mismatched channels. No doubt, they are a freak show AND mismatched only because they are not in English, and therefore I do not understand them. And I fear and am repulsed by what I don’t understand. But there is one bastion of hope, one beacon that shines through the fog: CNN. In every country I visited, you could rest assured that the sarcastic quips of anchorman/funny British jackass (like there’s any other type) Richard Quest could be had with minimal effort. One fine evening, I happened upon CNN’s Music Room (or whatever that music program is called), and they did a vignette on Michael Buble. He’s Canadian, and a crooner styled after the likes of Sinatra and Martin. Hey, I love Canadians AND crooners. So pretty much he had me at “Hello, my name is Michael Buble. Please buy my CD because I’m Canadian and a crooner.” He’s a smooth fellow.


Anyways, I only bring up two chunks of my dark, mysterious past (TM) in order to shed light on something I found. Michael Buble’s cover of the Spider-man theme song. It kicks so many different kinds of interelated ass, you need a cladogram to keep it all organized. And since I don’t listen to the radio OR watch TV anymore, if you’ve already heard about this months ago, then sod off. That’s right. All the way off.

Iron man, Iron man, does whatever an iron can…



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