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So if you haven’t already noticed, I’ve added a spiffy new Colourizer™ to the top left there. As of now, in addition to the vintage Black & White, there’s only Boo Hoo Blue and Human Head Red. Two great tastes that taste great together – which is why if I ever do another one, it’ll probably be Purple Nurple. I’ve got cookies set up so you can Colourize™ and keep it, but I’ve run into some problems since I have absolutely no idea what the hell it is that I’m doing. It’s not Colourizing™ when the page loads, so there’s this stupid looking delayed colour change – I think the script’s not loading fast enough, but I have no real idea. Personally, I like the blue – I’ve been using the same shade (#666E99!) since 1.0 – and since I can do whatever the heck I want, and there’s no one to stop me, I feel like making blue the new default, and having the monochrome original being a selectable Colourization™. Sounds good? Great. And there’s another issue with only being able to switch to different left/top/banner/thingie/dudes/images for the black and white, but that’s just because I’m too lazy to convert all the dozen plus images into different colours. That one’s just a headache. So enjoy, and if there’s any problems just drop me a line at the official The WAMBAG contact – idontcare@sogoawayihateyou.org.

ANYWAY, turns out there indeed WAS a point to this rambling – a link. Ricochet Lost Worlds. Yet another new version of Breakout. Neato graphics, moving blocks, crazy power-ups – that sort of thing. It’s a full out program though, so you have to download and run the 13 MB setup file.

And apparently, one brilliant classic wasn’t enough. As long as they keep the two crucial elements of success – a radical 80’s soundtrack and massive amounts of Decepticon ass kicking from Optimus Prime – then it CAN’T go wrong. …frankly, any movie could use more of either one.



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