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Interesting things of interest coming up…interestingly…

Weird game coming soon for the Nintendo DS – looks like a Smash Brothers type of deal with Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and One Piece (I have no idea what One Piece is) characters. Interesting.

War of the Worlds trailer. The actual trailer sucks, so don’t watch it. I just linked to it because I wanted to say…Spielberg + Cruise = no possible way this movie can fail.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory trailer. Oh this movie will rule. And like above, Tim Burton + Johnny Depp = no possible way this movie can fail. My only hope is no more singing. The Oompa Loompas from the original freaked the hell out of me easily enough…so I’m kind of hesistant to see how Tim Burton Oompa Loompas are. And if failing is all you know and you can’t view Quicktime unless you use your little brother’s computer, then this link is for you.

Batman & Robin: Forever trailer. …huh? No? Sorry. Sure seemed like it. I have no actual interest in this movie – I just wanted to make that “Batman & Robin: Forever” joke. Joel Schumacher = I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!

– For real this time, (new?) Batman Begins trailer (right click this baby). Nothing else has got me wanting a time machine more than this. And the movie poster’s out on the official site, too. But I’m too lazy to link to it. Why bother? I mean, I’ve already seen it.

New Constatine trailer. I’m getting a big “meh” feeling. I’ll still probably end up watching it though. And since I’ve never really read the comics I don’t really have any fanboy objections to the fact that it’s Keanu. Go me!

It’s not real yet, but it still seems pretty cool. I want to draw like an “X” on the thing and see it explode.

This one doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, but I just thought it was funny. And interesting.



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