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So I’m back from a skiing trip over the weekend and – aside from one glorious wipeout – there’s not much to tell. So here’s some news links.

Thief with samurai sword robs Winnipeg McDonald’s. Classy. But every site I’ve seen with this link has it listed like “THIS NINJA’S LOVIN IT” or something. But considering that there was no sneaking or assassination involved, and that it was a samurai sword…you would have to come to the conclusion that this was a ninja-less crime.

And from samurais, we go to nail shooting, flame throwing, backyard mechas.

Lastly – a scene straight out of Dirty Work (part of my personal library, now sitting between The Big Lebowski and Kindergarten Cop) – Bodies Discovered In Auto Sales Office.

“I’ve never seen so many dead hookers in my life!”

“Lord knows I have.”



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