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Some more news! I don’t have much time here right now, so it’s just two quick links.

First off, Arrested Development is coming back. There’s a big season 2 spoiler in there though, so don’t read it if you’re not into spoilers (read: you are not a fag). All it says is that it’s coming back for another season. And also that it’s not looking good for Quintuplets. Poor Andy Richter. I was almost afraid that Arrested Development would be canned like Andy Richter Controls the Universe was and I would see Jason Batemen or someone start a new family sitcom as the exasperated dad who struggles to control but at the same time understand his crazy kids…just like Andy Richter did. Poor Andy Richter.

And lastly, too end with some class, here’s a news story about a terrifying bat monster that rapes villagers in Tanzania. Sounds a lot like Batman to me.

By the way – June 15th!



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