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Walken for President. I can’t find a “I AM JUST JOKE” disclaimer anywhere on the site, but all the same, I wouldn’t really go around trying to impress people by breaking this “news story” to them. But then again, I had assumed Ahnuld’s conquering of Cali state to be a joke at first too.

So while we’re at it, let’s check out some Christopher Walken quotes. Just scroll down to the Personal Quotes section at the bottom. I always find the Trivia bits interesting, but I’ll just give you the highlights so you don’t need to go through it all.

    Was on Natalie Wood’s yacht the night she drowned.

    Worked briefly as a lion tamer in a circus at age 15.

    Was George Lucas’s second choice for the role of Han Solo in Star Wars (1977)

    Has different-colored eyes (one blue and one hazel). This is a condition known as heterochromia.

    Along with Alec Baldwin, he has a standing invitation to host “Saturday Night Live” (1975) every year (if scheduling permits).

I would think John Goodman’s got one too though.

Let’s thrown in a soundboard too.

So in conclusion…Christopher Walken is creepy as heck.

“She’s fast enough…for YOU. Old. Man.”



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