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For years we have toiled in lives of temporary pleasures and happiness, ultimately unfulfilling moments, memories that slowly fade until we revisit them again.

Well, my brothers…no more.

For weeks now I have been hearing the rumours. That dry land does exist, and not only that – but that some drifters had already begun to settle and cultivate lasting, permanent settlements. I didn’t believe these rumours at first…but today, I proved myself a fool for my lack of faith.

Today, I have found dry land. Today…I am a God.

When fire was first discovered by the first caveman and shared with those in the first cave, some went out to share the secret with other caves, other cavemen, so that they may have the gift of fire as well. That is my role today – not as the man who discovered fire – but a firebringer, one of the first public servants.

Yes, my fellow cavemen – I have discovered how to download YouTube videos.


Go to this page to download YouTube videos directly as .php files. Apparently you can also download Google Video and iFilm ones, but goddammit woman, ONE BABY STEP AT A TIME FOR NOW.

You can also do this manually by going into your temporary internet folder and finding the get_video.php files that YouTube leaves behind, like how your refrigerator gremlin leaves behind a slight hint of wintergreen oil (C8H8O3) everytime he runs in to turn the light on or off.


Change the extension to .flv. If you have VLC player, skip to STEP FOUR!!!


If you want to use other media players, download something like CinemaForge to encode your .flv files into other formats – .avi, .wmv, .mpeg – whatever you desire. Just follow your heart.

The thing is though, just keeping them in original .flv format is fine if you have VLC, and any converting you do will only add to the file size.

But if you don’t like keeping them as .flv files then I’d suggest encoding to .avi or .wmv format instead of .mpeg, because the latter produces really big files.


Watch your newly downloaded YouTube video on your media player of choice! Hurray!


Only here for appearance’s sake, since as a Chinaman, it would only be inviting disaster if I ended with four steps. As Sheep once found out long ago when this site was all about investigative reporting.

To celebrate, here are some random YouTube videos for you to watch.

(And now…also to download if you were so inclined.)

Yoyo man! – Instead of that wacky pose at the end, he should have pretended to fail to throw the yo-yo away, because it yo-yo’ed back to him. And then he should have looked at the camera and do a really exaggerated shrug.

Aladdin and the cave of cheeseburgers – This is actually a site with a bunch of YouTubes. It’s completely and utterly retarded. Just the way I like it.

Jack Bauer at home with his cats – This is even more retarded. But I can’t stop laughing. I don’t actually think there’s any 24 relation here – I just thought that’d how it’d be like if Jack Bauer had cats…and he used his considerable yelling powers for evil and abuse. No 24 spoilers here. Also, I have a suspicion that this video is like All-Your-Base-old, but if I haven’t seen it then it’s new to me!

2006 NBA All-Star Game Introductions – If you haven’t seen this already, then I don’t really think there’s a reason to see it for the first time.

The Barry Gibb Talk Show II – Did you know there was a second one? I didn’t. No need to download this one though – here’s a direct link of the .wmv file. And here’s the first one, in case you missed it.

Arnold the Bear Wrestler – Prior to finding out that this is probably from Hercules in New York (1970), I could have sworn that it was actually a strange erotic dream of mine.

And of course, CRY FOR THE MOON, the first one I downloaded.

Have fun.



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