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Here are some links. …there aren’t actually any links in the last one though, it’s just what I believed to be an amusing story. I apologize.

– Some random stranger has proclaimed on his blog that Showtime has picked up Arrested Development for 12 episodes. …do I have Showtime? Is that the one on channel 29? Or is that Showcase? …is there a difference? And wouldn’t it officially need to get cancelled first before it gets picked up by another network? Oh, the Internet. Always so tricky.

– Speaking of the Internet…where else could we go to get ridiculously high resolution, 1850 pixel by 2100 pixel pictures of Jessica Alba taking a parking ticket off her car? I for one, am thankful.

This is the last thing I need this week.

– Here are two recent news stories that will be made into FOX or Disney movies within the next two years. They are…Black and white twins and Autistic Teen’s Hoop Dreams Come True. The second one could probably get an Oscar nod or two as well. Book it.

– I caught a 30 second television trailer for Aquamarine, completely convinced that it was for Lady In The Water until they announced the name of the movie at the end. That was a weird 25 seconds. I had started to think “Hurm…I guess it could work…” until the standard bubbly pop song started to kick in. At which point I started to think “M. Night Shyamalan is a frickin’ genius – this movie is gonna ROCK!!!

“Didn’t you play the retarded quarterback?”
“Are you really retarded?”



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