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“You’re Not As Lowly As You Think You Are,” She Said

Letters From The Wasteland – The Wallflowers

It’s another post about Adriana.

She asked me to check the price of this haircare product today. Instead of calmly strolling over to the health and beauty section of the store, I did a running vault over some railing. “If you think I would have done that for anyone else,” I wanted to say, “you’re crazy.” If anyone had actually noticed that impressive feat they would have assumed that I was trying to impress her. This is untrue. I don’t do these things in front of her because I want her to think I’m great, I do them because I think she’s so great. There’s a difference there.

I get jealous when she talks to the dairy guy. His name is Kenny and they go to Father McGivney together. He’s also a lanky Chinese guy. I wonder if he’s interested in her. She was on her break trying to talk to him, but I was conveniently right next to them changing a garbage can and being a general nuisance. I think she likes me better, but as far as I know they might be best friends at school. This is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night.

In fact, I spent most of the day finding excuses to be near her. This was strange because I swore to myself last Saturday that I was going to cut ties with everyone at work, since I was planning to quit soon. I can’t with her, though. I mean, I will, but not now. At the end of the day, I knew she was going to leave as soon as her dad showed up (as she always does) and I was hoping to stay near the store exit so I could say, “Bye”. My manager sent me to do something in the back and when I came back, she had already left. I often, often wonder if it is as difficult for her to leave as it is for me to see her go.

I’m not telling anybody that I’m leaving in August. Not because I’d be embarrassed if people made a big deal about it, but because I’m afraid nobody will care. Especially Adriana. I mean, I’d love it if she found out I was leaving and she begged me to stay. If she said something like, “You’re the only reason I haven’t quit this place,” or, “You’re the nicest, sweetest guy I know! Don’t leave.” That isn’t going to happen. I think I’ll just discreetly sneak out the back door, so to speak.

The people have spoken. Allow me to bask in the glow.
J.D.! Guess what?
Not now Turk, I’m glow-basking.



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