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Set Yourself On Fire – Stars

Now that I’m free from exams, I’ve taken to playing Final Fantasy II (or IV for you purists) on my SNES Emulator. It’s great because I can speed up all the dialogue and walking and levelling. Life is good.

I finally got around to listening to that Stars CD. It really makes me want to be in love with somebody right now.

I had to go downtown today for a meeting of the Frosh Committee. Yeah, I finally caved and joined an organization, betraying Groucho Marx who taught me to never be part of any club that would have me as a member. Hey, I was running out of places to meet chicks. The meeting was okay, albeit a bit amateurish. I felt sorry for my boy Julius who was running the meeting. Or at least trying to. He’s not the confident, assertive guy he once was. A steady dose of UofT and heartbreak will do that to a man.

Afterwards, Chris, David, The Ice Queen and I went to eat some Thai food. Normally, I would have went straight home, but for some reason I felt compelled to spend time with these people. Odd. The Ice Queen was in a bad mood too. Even under the best conditions, I find hanging out with her to be as comfortable as dry humping a porcupine, but still I persisted. It went perfectly fine. Despite the fact that Chris and I have nothing in common, he seems to appreciate my dry humour and thinly veiled hostility while I am amused by his inevitable spiral towards becoming an alcoholic.

Then there’s Tanya. I’m attracted to her one second, the next I’m resisting the urge to throttle. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but she’s one of those people who redirects every conversation to themselves. I’ve called her sweet in the past and I stand by that. She just doesn’t realize what she’s doing. Someone will be talking about their uncle and she’ll just jump in, “Well, MY uncle…da da da…” It’s just how she talks to people. I’ve been there. Talking about yourself is both easy and fun. At least for you it is. However, on this night we all got into a good conversation rhythm. Chris was talking about drinking, David was his usual quiet and polite self, Tanya was complaining and I was cracking wise.

I even did two things I rarely do with Tanya. I asked about her relationship with some guy (unfortunately for him, there apparently isn’t one) and I spent a lot of the time looking her directly in the eyes. I’m not someone who avoids eye contact, but when I’m around someone with whom I have an unclear or unpleasant relationship, it’s not frequent. Today, I kept looking and it was because I’ve finally grown to see Tanya as a friend. I accept that no matter how hard I try, I’m not going to get rid of these jokers I met all those years ago during Frosh Week. They’re always gonna talk to me and invite me to stuff they know I don’t want to go to and I guess I have to deal with that. There are certainly worse fates.

A long time ago, a friend taught me to look people in the eyes, because there’s nothing to be afraid of.

On the ride from Bloor to Finch, I watched this sleeping couple, completely at peace. That’s what I want. Someone who will feel safe in my arms.

Is this the hit squad you’ve been training to take down heroes?
Nobody wants a war, Captain. The people are just sick and tired of living in the Wild West.
Masked heroes have been a part of this country for as long as anyone can remember.
So’s smallpox. Now grow up and stop being an idiot, huh? Nobody’s saying you can’t do your job. I’ts just time you went legitimate like the rest of us, soldier.
Weapons down, boys.
Stand your ground, gentlemen. Captain America is not in command here.
Weapons down or I will not be responsible for what comes next…



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