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PLEASE BABY, FORGIVE ME. The site was down for three days, and I didn’t know it went back up yet! I was even going to post that Jordan link, but fucking Big AL beat me to it. But instead of the Hugh Jackman bit, I was going to go with a variation of “Well, I’d like to sue the sexiest man in the universe…but then I realized that you can’t sue yourself. ZING ZAM ZOOM!!!” …but I don’t really know if that makes sense.

So I guess our webspace host decided to do another server migration or something and didn’t feel like telling us before scrapping the last two week’s versions of the files and somehow intermittingly removing half of Superman’s body as some sort of a surprise gag gift.

Those magnificent bastards.

They’re lucky that this webspace is dirt cheap and that all The WAMBAG content is stored on Blogger, otherwise their technical support team would have been in store for a somewhat stern, borderline passive aggressive email complaint. In which I would use words like “frustrating” or “disappointing” to voice my mild displeasure. Perhaps even the word “exasperating” could have found its way into that email if I wasn’t able to hold back and just barely keep the anger bottled in.

I mean…I’m a peaceful man, but DAMN son, mess with the bull, you get the horns!

Let’s get some low effort, low quality YouTube links up on the board to get it rolling again.

Dumbland. Just…retarded. I don’t even know what I’m laughing at. I’m posting this because I need someone else to validate it’s worth in hilarity so I know that I’m not becoming crazy/white.

– Remember when Colbert and Carell were both still fresh, promising minor league stars coming up together on The Daily Show? It’s weird seeing Steve Carell pull that very same “Go ahead, punch me!” bit on Conan years later while promoting 40 Year-Old Virgin, only more refined. The eyeball bit killed me.

And hey, remember when Michael Young and Vernon Wells were both still fresh, promising minor league stars coming up together on Toronto’s Triple A affiliate team? It’s weird seeing Michael Young becoming the reigning American League batting champion years later after we traded him for Esteban Loaiza and haven’t had a productive middle infielder for over ten years. And when Vernon signs a big free agent deal with Texas in two years, they’ll be together again!

By the way Jess, I was taping the All-Star game…but the tape ran out after two and a half hours. So I think I missed BJ Ryan’s perfect inning to get the win, and Troy Glaus’ ninth inning double to set-up Michael Young’s 2-out, 2-strike, 2-RBI, All-Star Game winning triple against the most successful closer of all time. …well, the tape missed it. But I caught it, and that’s really all that matters.

Okay, one more small sports bit and then we’re done.

Headbutt! It’s completely infested YTMND like some sort of super virulent, cybernetic veneral disease. I’d throw up some links…but it’s not very difficult to imagine it for yourself.

I dedicate these lines from a commercial for a product I’ve long forgotten to my girlfriend, currently vacationing in the chink motherland, and hopefully coming back very soon. Because her awesomeness is missed.

“I got these golf clubs.”
“Those are gorgeous.”
“They’re made of gold.”
“Wow, that’s terrific.”



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