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– Come Fall 2006, I’m going to have Hugh Jackman stank all over me…and it’s going to be heaven. First, Scoop in two weeks. Then another comic book movie The Fountain coming October 13. And finally, originally mentioned by Big AL back on 06/06/06…THE PRESTIGE!!! Batman vs. Wolverine, hollatacha boy, dipset, no homo! Since when was “Abbracadabra.” such a badass line?

And Scarlett Johansson in two of three? That’s just uncalled for. RE-DIC-Q-LOUS-NESS-ALL-OVA-DIS-BIZZ-A-NESS.

Tying a better shoelace? Insanity. I pledge to eventually attempt to adapt this method and report back on my findings.

– And now the YouTube portion of our program.

Wallflowers & Bruce Springsteen – One Headlight (Live). Copped this from the Sports Guy’s latest mailbag, and I watched this with AL on Friday, but I thought everyone should be aware of this anyway. Watch as Jakob Dylan is completely destroyed by The Boss while he sings his own song at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards. But honestly, what can you do? Springsteen was like an unstoppable Force of Nature in that clip, trampling all over him with that 8 power. I loved The Wallflowers. Where have they gone? I miss them.

Pickle Girl. Okay, she’s afraid of pickles. So let it be and move on. Why’s Maury gotta be such an asshole about it? That’s just mean.

Best fight scene of all time (is this gay?). I think this one’s flagged, so I think you’ll need an account to watch it or something. It’s worth it though. For the entire last two minutes, I couldn’t stop laughing and screaming out “Oh shit! OH SHIT!!! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?!” You’ve been warned.

– This is the real gem right here though – the pilot of a new The Amazing Screw-On Head series!!! Three exclamation marks to indicate extra awesomeness!

The Amazing Screw-On Head was a one-shot comic book by Mike Mignola (the Hellboy guy) which won the 2003 Eisner Award for Best Humor Publication (the same year that my favourite monthly Fables won for Best New Series). For those of you won don’t speak comic book nerd, the Eisners are to comic books what the Oscars and Grammies are for movies and music. The pilot follows the issue pretty closely, so after you’ve watched it, that’ll put us both on fairly even ground in terms of being Amazing Screw-On Head experts.

I am Mike Mignola’s bitch, by the way. He could defecate on a napkin, and I would still be like “This is the greatest comic book ever. Tell your shop to put in advance orders for Dark Horse’s Napkin Defecation right away! Support this shit! It’ll blow your mind.”

So seeing Mike Mignola art so closely approximated in cartoon form was a really cool touch. I love how all those Korean animators they got slaving away have kept so closely to his style. And having his characters voiced by that dude from Sideways , Niles Crane, and Molly Shannon is just top notch cake icing. I caught a glimpse of Patton Oswalt’s name in the opening credits, but I couldn’t really tell what he did in the episode.

I love it. And once it hits, you can bet your fucking ass that I’m going to be ALL OVER the torrents!

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