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Remember that bomb scare outside your place of work yesterday that took twenty minutes out of your life because the police wouldn’t let you cross the street to get back from lunch?

Or was that just me?

All that for a pair of pants from Dockers.

I got these in an email after a coworker remembered he had a camera.

Fuck those sixteenth story 640 Toronto guys, we were on the sixth floor. That’s The WAMBAG, baby – always bringing you up-to-the-second news reports on the happenings of your city. That’s what we’re here to do, that’s what we’ve always done, that’s what we’ll always do.

And now a special YouTube report from your man on the street Choking Yak.

The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime. Pretty much my entire take on the movie, which was just a (somewhat) clever marketing gig to replace the G1 guys with the next loser generation, and sell more toys. Still can’t believe how Iron Hide went out like that. Shit was cold blooded. ‘cept they realized that they couldn’t replace one of the greatest leaders of the modern age with the biggest pussy of any age, and they had to bring back Optimus. I think the most impressive thing about that was how well they got the voices down.

However, the entire Autobot City sequence at the beginning (along with Hot Rod racing back while pumping out Dare) automatically makes the movie completely untouchable, regardless of everything else.

…though this probably doesn’t mean anything to you if you haven’t watched Transformers: The Movie at least twice.

Speaking of which, here’s some (…two) pictures of Bumblebee (One two!) and Brawl (One two!) for the new one coming up by Michael “Fuck Yo Cuban Crack Village” Bay. You can play around with the numbers in the URL, but there’s nothing else that’s too interesting. Brawl was the tank Combaticon, but I guess he’s FIVE-OH now. Which makes me wonder what’s up with Jazz. I hope Jazz is in the movie.

This movie’s going to be FAST, and it’s going to be FURIOUS. The preliminary Van Helsing Scale readings are disturbingly high.

And finally, in honour of Big AL’s supposed upcoming resignation, Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager. The Randy scene is solid, but it’s pretty much downhill from there. This is a Star Wars thing, so forget about this entire paragraph, Jess.

Give me back that fucking Matrix immediately.



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