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Instead of dealing with the comedy of errors that is my life, I’m going to post some more links and continue (as I have my entire life thus far) to shirk away from saying anything profound or meaningful.

Best article ever.

Here is the new trailer for Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. It’s like they’re just doing the first movie over again, but now they have tons more money to play with. Good stuff.

A Practical Guide To Racism: Stereotypes – there’s a series of these on there, but I wanted to highlight this one in particular as it addresses the stereotypes of gypsies, which I feel is an important lesson that we all can benefit from. There’s also a video game related installment, but if you’re not familiar with Punch-Out or Street Fighter (or racism) then you need not apply. The funniest things about all of these is just the pseudo office thing he’s got going there, with the goofy Greco-Roman bust and the blackboard full of unintelligible scribbles there.

– Word on the street is that there’s going to be a fourth Terminator movie that will star John Connor rallying the armies of man against our future, emotionless, Austrian overlords. Joseph McGinty Nichol aka McG is to direct – you might remember him from such films as We Are Marshall, Charlie’s Angels, and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. And if that doesn’t get you pumped for Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins (hahaha) then I don’t know what will.

His producer credits are notable as well – it includes projects like Fastlane, The OC, and The Search For The Next Doll…so yeah, this is going to be pretty awesome.

And once you cast Batman as John Connor, then the Hugh Jackman Factor in the Van Helsing Scale starts looking pretty good. Either way, good or bad…this is going to be an amazingly entertaining movie. Summer 2009. Clear your schedules.

– The very first Street Fighter 4 news has come out. No idea if that’s an actual gameplay shot, but word is that it’s going to be polygon graphics…but two dimensional gameplay (THANK GOD). If there’s an arcade port, I’m all over that – I’m getting back into the seedy world of arcade games with Street Fighter 4. I want so badly to be good at a fighting game again. That hasn’t happened since like…1999, with the first Marvel vs. Capcom. Just like in the same way that StarCraft 2 will get me back into real time strategy nerdery. Except I was never good at StarCraft.

– Drag queens + McDonald’s + tire iron + hot french fry grease = When Transvestites Attack. Black people make everything better. Extra points for grimeyness.

Boy gets raped by a dog while he plays Wii. Other than the stated, I also immensely enjoyed…
– the fact that he just keeps playing, hoping it’ll end somehow
– the complete unconcern of the cameraman
– the possibility that this is something they taught the dog to do on command
– the screaming
Honestly, that’s some of the funniest screaming I’ve heard in years.

“You’re like the talking mailbox.”
“I’m going to assume that’s a Haldeman reference, in which case…I thank you.”



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