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So apparently Ashy Larry has a new internet series called Ashy To Classy? …it’s pretty retarded, and surprisingly short on both ash and class. I’ll have to do some digging for this one. You might remember Ashy Larry from the World Series Of Dice skit from Chappelle’s Show.

The rest are sports related links, so please feel free to ignore everything else if you’re not in that target demographic.

– Proceeding these six words will be The Mitchell Report, which was officially released by MLB last week. It’s something like 300 pages long, not counting the appendixes…which turns out is a bit more than the “thirty something pages” I had originally said on Sunday. An honest mistake. Anyway, makes for some nice light reading. SPOILER ALERT: Snape kills Dumbledore at the end.

– I’m going to spoil another video for you. Yao Ming screams at Chris Kaman, declaring “YOU TRY FUCKING STOP ME!”, Mutombo goes “YEAH!”, usual YouTube comment hilarity ensues, and it’s good times for all.

– Another old YouTube clip that I missed the first time around, of Darrick Martin snubbing former Raptors assistant coach Gene Keady. The disappointment in his face and the fact that he had to quit coaching to tend to his sick wife almost makes me sad…and then I think about how funny this is and the fact that you could imagine Darrick Martin doing this because he had some beef with Gene supplanting his role as the portly stocky guy on the Raptors…and I’m laughing again.

– Also, Baron Davis working at McDonald’s. My favourite thing about that video is how absolutely black Oakland is. And if you listen closely (actually…it’s pretty obvious), there’s even police sirens at the end of the video – the guy with the Starburst car. “You trynna clown!” I don’t think there’s a single NBA player that’s more entertaining than The Baron overall – factoring on and off the court. (Sloan from Entourage…so hot.)




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