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Yeah, so those promises of a new layout at the end of last week…I hope no one was surprised when it didn’t happen. Oh well.

Anyway, forget all that. I found it! After what seems like years and years of searching (it only seems like it because it didn’t actually happen), I’ve finally found a viable link of the Devil Can’t Write No Love Songs skit from SNL.

And here it is, in all it’s glory.

I have actually not seen the video since I first caught it in a television broadcast, which has been years and years now. Although I did manage to find an mp3 of the audio off Napster way back when, and also the transcript, which is why the quotes were always so accurate. But to finally see one of my most favourite SNL bits ever (that for some reason wasn’t featured in one of the Best of Will Ferrell collections) in full video and whatnot…it’s a good day.

Enjoy, please.

EDIT: I’m also going to use this opportunity to link to another skit, you know, while I’m here. Here is The Bird Family, which is as disgustingly hilarious as any SNL bit you will ever find. Notice the unblinking game faces of Will Ferrell, Chris Parnell, and Ana Gasteyer – I really don’t think there were any other cast members at that time that could have made it through that sketch, especially when Will Ferrell chokes on his prop food midway through. Tim Meadows, maybe. But Jimmy Fallon would have been absolutely destroyed in this bit.

And the Aimee Mann/Magnolia bit just absolutely wrecks me, we gotta steal that somehow.

He’s got no saliva!


  1. Big Al says:

    You’ve got to give some love to Fred Armisen too. He was one of the only survivors of the “Debbie Downer” incident. The man never, EVER cracks.

  2. Jess! says:

    Your website looks terrible. By the way, Rock Band either

    1) Friday @ 6:30PM until whenever
    2) Saturday @ 2PM until 5PM
    3) Sunday @ 1PM until whenever

    It’s fine with me if you want to do it at my house. Max will need to bring his XBOX though.

  3. Choking Yak says:

    The Debbie Downer skits were a disaster – almost no one made it out of those unscathed.

    Jess, why do you have to post that Rock Band stuff here? This is no place for personal items – this is a professional place of business. The Business Of Getting Down.

    Our site looks terrible now, but just wait for the new layout, which will surely push the limits of what can still be considered tasteful web design.

    And no Max, that does not mean the Nazi Bear. The world will never be ready.

  4. MaxSnax says:

    WTF son? Can you at least email me my Nazi Bear? I can’t even remember what it looks like. I just want to know that it exists. I can do Friday or Saturday for RB. Friday is preferred b/c playing for 3 hours on Saturday is mad homo and I am strictly no homo.

  5. Jess! says:

    I always forget your no homo policy. Friday it is. I’ll be at home around 4PM. Someone bring a guitar. Max bring your XBOX and just show up after work then!

  6. FlamingSheep says:

    Re: Website Design

    Will, can we have animated gifs. Please?

  7. Choking Yak says:

    Can’t find the Nazi Bear…I think it might not have survived one of my reformats. I’ll dig to see if it’s on one of my backup discs…but maybe it’s for the best it’s never found again.

    And I don’t know if you were joking about animated gif’s, but we’re having them for sure now that you put the idea in my head.



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