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Mummified dinosaurs, greatest science fiction writer of all time passing away, gold is up ten points, blah blah blah – who cares!?! WAMBAG.COM – bringing you news from around the world that YOU care about!

Phoenix, Arizona – A community reacts to finding out about a picture of a penis painted on a neighbour’s roof. There’s no way he only found out about this now, six months later. He was in on the whole thing the whole time. And for that, I salute him. My question is how this story came about. Was there like a guy in a traffic helicopter flying by that reported it? Also of amusement was the video to the right side of the page, that featured the news crew showing passerbys a picture of the roof inside their news van. Like, hey, do you want to see a giant penis on this guy’s roof and be interviewed for a news story? …mmmokay!

Clarksville, Tennessee – Preacher found dead with rope around his neck and a goat standing over him. …not much else to add to this one.

Santiago, Chile – So apparently the cool thing for teenagers to do now is to call yourselves “Pokemones”…and have crazy bisexual orgies in the streets of Chile. Teenager Juan Fernandez used AIDS! It’s super effective!

Gold Coast, Australia – “An 81-year-old man has shot himself dead with an elaborate suicide robot built using plans downloaded from the internet.” I bet he heard about the story of the homemade guillotine suicide (or homemade suicide guillotine?) from last year and decided to one-up it. The only way to one-up this one now would be to use skin samples from that recently discovered mummified dinosaur to clone it, and then raise it and train it to rape you to death.

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