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So it turns out that I am not super awesome.

Just kidding, April Fool’s! I am super awesome!

In honour of my hilarious joking, here are various April Fool’s jokes from around the internet.

Some are clearly for fun, like Gmail’s new Custom Time feature which allows you to change the time sent emails are labeled with. Also, YouTube is RickRolling anyone who clicks a featured video on the main page (the user is “YTRickRollsYou”), which is worth checking out because honestly…that song’s fucking awesome. Google is also apparently able to search forward into the future…but apparently only in Australia.

ThinkGeek is having some fun too, which a whole bunch of fake merchandise available for purchase, including a Japanese urinating sim for the Wii called Super Pii Pii, complete with strap-on peripheral. My personal favourite is the Betamax to HD-DVD Converter though.

A new World of Warcraft class has been unveiled as well; the Bard, with some totally sweet, yet suspiciously familiar play mechanics. Blizzard’s also introducing a new console game based on the popular dungeon raid destination Molten Core, featuring “glorious 192i resolution.” High marks all around.

Capcom has also unveiled Sheng Long as a secret character in SFIV which sounds awesome and is completely believable…until you realize what day it is. This new game called 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand features 50 running around and cappin’ niggas in the Middle East, which sounds like the funniest April Fool’s joke ever…but the more I read about it the more it seems that this is an actual game. Which both horrifies and excites me at the same time.

These new X-Box 360 products kinda suck though, and it just seems like Microsoft’s trying a bit too hard to get into this April Fool’s thing. Not cool. And this new Pirates vs. Ninjas duel deck thing from Magic is about three years too late, also not cool.

Fun stuff.

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