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Weezer – “The Red Album”

Best song since anything from Pinkerton: The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
– This is essentially a Queen song. The Weezer version of “Bohemian Rhapsody”.
– When he hits the falsetto at 3:17… fucking SWEET.

Best album closer since “Butterfly”: The Angel and the One.
– Rivers at his best. He sings with so much fucking passion in this song.
– Where is the fucking guitar solo in the song? At the 3:56 mark would have been PERFECT.
– Could have been the next “Only In Dreams”! Needs a big finish!

Pros +
– Better than Make Believe and possibly Maladroit (undecided at this point)
– The 2 songs I’ve mentioned are some of the best songs Rivers has written in years
– “Pork and Beans”, “Troublemaker”, and “Dreamin” are classic Weezer

Cons –
– Terrible choice by Rivers to let the other members of the band have their own tracks.
– “Everybody Get Dangerous” blows
– Where are all the guitar solos?



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