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Feel free to disregard the following two basketball links if they’re not really your bag.

Steve Nash and Baron Davis are now Step Brothers. Nash has got some moves, man.

Michael Jordan holding some sort of a basketball workshop. The second half of it is essentially just him taking on a bunch of kids one-on-one. And he utterly dominates them. It’s like…why!?! Highlights include the little 12 year-old looking white kid at the 2:58 mark (absolutely heartless), and the (NBA caliber) post-up move he breaks out while posting up a kid at the 4:22 mark. Michael Jordan…is the biggest asshole on Earth. That’s why Kobe will never be as good as him; Kobe won’t ever dunk on a 14 year-old just for the thrill of it.

Just wanted to get these up here before Max or AL beat me to it.

You reach, I teach.



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