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One more basketball link before we get on to everything else.

– Found some pictures of the cast of the Dragonball movie, thought you’d get a kick out of them too. I just want to know how if these big movie production companies even have a formal screening process for ideas anymore. Or even like a single guy attached to each project that goes “Wait guys, are we sure this is a good idea?” The guy who sold this idea to a studio for millions and millions of actual dollars must be the greatest salesman of all time.

…I’m totally watching this movie.

– Also, here’s some pictures from the set of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, featuring Michael Clark Duncan as Balrog…with a gun. He couldn’t even throw a kick in the game…now he’s got a goddamn gun.

…I’m totally watching this movie.

– An Xbox 360 price drop coming in September? Interesting discussion regarding the possible ripple effects on the console market as well if it actually came to pass. In that case…I might just hold out for a PS3 price drop as well. Competition breeds cheaper video game systems for us all!

– On the other hand…here’s an interesting article about McDonald’s possibly rethinking their dollar menu. With escalating dairy and beef prices, the rising of minimum wage, and the overall continued economic troubles in the States, McDonald’s is finding it increasingly unprofitable to keep their dollar menu the way it is. So either the double cheeseburger’s gonna go, or they’ll end up just raising the price of their dollar menu over a dollar (which was essentially done in Canada anyway, since we never had a dollar menu, just a “value” menu). Something to watch out for if you’re a frequent McDonald’s customer.

Though honestly, I don’t think it’d be a big issue if they just raised the prices and renamed it the “value menu” instead, like they do here. Or even if they didn’t rename it…don’t think it’d put them out of business or anything either. Do you even remember when Toonie Tuesdays at KFC actually only cost $2.00? Now the Toonie Tuesday special is actually $2.59 plus tax, and there’s still huge lines there at lunch whenever it rolls around. “Pocket change?” Who carries around $2.59 plus tax in pocket change, you assholes?

– From the file of Things I Think Are Cool But Would Never Actually Ever Buy Myself…Chinese Dragon print Wallabees, totally radical candles, crazy plushies, and some Hellboy kicks.

Big discovery by NASA the other day, in which they have apparently finally confirmed the existence of (ice) water on Mars. Though I take issue with this panoramic picture of the landing site, with all those spots blacked out. What are you hiding from us, NASA!?! Seriously speaking though, it’s a pretty big discovery and a huge step for this scientific campaign as well. Though it’d be even better if they could actually find some air on Mars.

Was the whole point of that stupid NASA link to setup that retarded Total Recall bit? Yes. And it was totally worth it.

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