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Time for links.

– For all of those that often wondered where homeless people came from but were too scared to ask…well, wonder no more.

This link features a video of Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard eating at a McDonald’s and getting mobbed by a sea of curious Chinese people who have likely never seen black people before…much less seven foot tall, superhumanly athletic NBA players. I’m curious too – I’d expect a guy that makes $13.76 million this year playing basketball to have a wardrobe that consists of more than just a single white wifebeater…and yet, I’ve never seen him in anything else. The bit at the end where he’s hitting on that Chinese girl is even funnier when you put it together with this article.

“There are many young, strong, single people in the athletes’ village and, like everywhere, some will fall in love or other things so we need to make condoms available,” Ole Hansen, spokesman for UNAIDS China, told Reuters.

…hmm…yes, “other things.”

– Also, no Rice in China. Ahahahahaha…God, I’m so gay.

– White people…why are you like this?

And anotha one… A University of the West of England (but not the University of West England…apparently there exists no West England…it’s just England, but the Western part of it) fundraiser involving the release of dozens of helium balloons goes horribly wrong. There’s rumours out there that say each balloon represents the life of an impoverished orphan in some third world country, but I have not been able to confirm that yet with my internet detective skills. Although that would just make it all that much more funnier.

– Anyone catch The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget on Sunday? Yeah, apparently it was just full of stock gay and pedophile jokes…which should come as no surprise, given as how crappy celebrity roasts usually are. Plus nowadays, just mentioning the name of Bob Saget alone is enough to elicit a chuckle – society’s been roasting him for like the last ten years, we don’t need some bad comedians to do it for us. I mention this, of course, because I want to share this highlight with you – Norm MacDonald’s roast which clearly stands out from anything I’ve ever seen in one of these lame celebrity roasts. Probably one of the best anti-joke bits I’ve ever seen…it was a surreal, almost Kaufmanesque bit that’s vintage Norm MacDonald, full blown Canadian deity.

– Somewhat related…Jim Breuer and Rob Magnotti perform the scene from A Few Good Men as Norm MacDonald and Ray Romano.

– What if I told you that I had the official video for Champion featuring Kanye running in the knock-off Olympics as a muppet? Would that be something you’d be interested in?

– It’s been widely known and accepted for a while now and a lot of jokes have been made about how ridiculous David Caruso is in CSI: Miami, but up until now, I’d never thought that there’d actually exist so much evidence. You’d swear that this was some sort of SNL type parody…but it’s all real footage! It exists! IT’S SO AWESOME. Furthermore, that video has absolutely ruined Won’t Get Fooled Again for me; there’s no way I’ll be able to listen to that song again without just dying at the “YEEEEAAAAAH!” or even the whole five minute interlude leading up to it. From now on I won’t be able to seriously listen or enjoy that song for what it is – my enjoyment and interpretation of that song will now be on a completely different level, like with I’ve Been Thinking About You. That video ruined my life.

“Her friend said she came down to drink mojitos and catch some sun.”
“Well it looks like…something…caught HER.”




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