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Over the last two days, I haven’t been able to stop listening to The Blower’s Daughter just over and over and over again. But the thing is, I’m laughing the whole time because I’m just imagining the ridiculousness of the whole thing. And now it’s yet another song I’ll never be able to enjoy, except on some irrational, insane level.

Thanks, assholes.

More links to keep the good times rolling.

This video combines my fear of clowns, my love of poorly made videos (what kind of abusive, alcoholic father drinks Corona!?!), and Good Will Hunting into a strange, discordant symphony that I’m like weirded out by, but yet at the same time kinda enjoying as well. It’s a like an awkward party in my mind where way too many people were invited but no one really knows anyone else, so they’re all just hanging out in cliques instead of mingling around and having fun, and I’m wallflowering in a corner somewhere just taking it all in and contemplating the horrible train wreck nature of it all…but still having a surprisingly good time doing it.

– Sometimes I wish I was American. Usually it’s for fairly stupid reasons, like how I could carry around four bucks in dollar bills instead of as coins jingling in my pocket. This time’s really no exception as well – it’s just as a Canadian, I can’t really justify getting this UNDRCRWN t-shirt where Barack O-Balla is treating John McCain like he was French.

– Lastly, I really enjoyed this random Picnicface video called Orphans. As usual, it really gets out of hand at the end and escalates into a strange series of odd exchanges that I’m not even sure I should really fully enjoy at this point. But yet I do. Thumbs up!

Were they supposed to be British…? What was…what was that all about?



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