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Chrome’s pretty neat so far, isn’t it? All this whole multi-threaded JavaScript engine, WebKit rendering, and application Task Manager stuff is wicked cool…but honestly I’m just here for the built-in incognito feature (aka “Porn Mode”). It’s a quick little bastard too, isn’t it?

Let’s move on to the links.

– How come I’ve never heard about Seth Rogan starring in a new Kevin Smith movie until today? It’s coming out in a month! How come I ended up finding out about it from my new favourite best friend TrailerAddict.com, instead of my actual, real life friends? If no one’s pointing out these developments to me, then honestly, why do I still associate with you people? What possible other value or contributions to you attribute to my life!?! God, come on! (Seriously though Trailer Addict is awesome, I can’t believe I only found out about it yesterday.) I am also honestly a little bit surprised that the trailer doesn’t even mention Kevin Smith’s name, except for the very last screen for like half a second. How different life was back then when just the mention of his name was enough to sell anything like hotcakes (ie. comics – still waiting for the rest of Dardevil/Bullseye: The Target, asshole!)…and now I’m wondering if it they purposely decided not to mention it because it’d actually carry some negative marketing stigma. What a brave new world it is now.

And alsoJohn Cho is Sulu!?! What the fuck!?! No one tells me shit! What is the purpose of having friends if they aren’t going to tell you that the young version of everybody’s favourite homosexual Asian starship helmsman is going to be played by Harold? I just feel so betrayed right now.

– I got a bit of a movie thing going lately, so one more here…check out these Watchmen movie posters overlaid with actual panels from the comic. Just like with Sin City. I have no idea how this will translate to critical or commercial success in the movie…but it appeals to me at a very base, fanboy level. It surprises me a bit to realize that I will actually be disappointed if we aren’t treated to some glowing blue full frontal nudity in the movie. The comics have truly spoiled me in this sense…among others.

– I lied. Last one here. For serious this time. Dragonball stills featuring Piccolo have been leaked apparently, and right in line with all of the other pictures I’ve seen from this movie so far…it is gloriously terrible looking. Looks a bit more like Frieza than Piccolo (you know, what with the lack of green and all that) but the important thing is that it looks absolutely horrible. I’m honestly getting more excited about this movie as I get more details about it. I seriously cannot wait for the actual trailer now…the suspense is killing me. Can you imagine watching this opening day weekend with a theatre full of Dragonball fanboys (of which in the world there exist none under the age of 27)? It would be like a glowingly glorious paradise, a sort of ultimate nirvana for terrible movie experiences. God, I can’t wait.

– The next stage in bling…contact lenses lined with Swarovski crystals. That shit be ballin’ like Kobe versus a 12 year-old. Next stage: crystal eyes.

– It’s supposed to be announced today at 5:00, but everyone already knows that the new NBA franchise is going to be the Oklahoma City Thunder, complete with uninspired WNBA looking logo and colours. I closed the window with the picture in it five seconds ago, and I’ve already forgotten everything about how the logo looks or even what colours are in it. Not the greatest triumph of marketing there. I personally would have gone with the Barons or the Bandits. Though there is something nice about how the “Oklahoma City Bombers” sounds.

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