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As I watched the manic woman yelling profanity at her criminal husband while their baby cried, amazed at how surreal – nay, Jerry Springer – this all was, I wondered how my day could get any better than this.


If you haven’t seen The Hangover, watch it. It’s quite entertaining, and doesn’t bother with that pesky “heart” people keep trying to infuse comedies with these days.

Of course, that previous paragraph was redundant, since the people who read this site are also the same people who watched it with me. But I will say one more thing about The Hangover. It was bugging me throughout the movie, but I finally figured out why I thought I had seen Dr. Ken Jeong’s “air money shot” move before. Danny McBride used it in Eastbound and Down. For what it’s worth, I think our Asian brother does it better. Or maybe gayer. I can’t tell.


The Sims 3 is apparently out. I still have the same computer since high school, so I’m not sure why I was surprised I couldn’t run the game. Instead, I play it vicariously through Alice & Kev, the touching story of two homeless Sims who live in an abandoned park. The author is a gifted storyteller, and the blog has gotten some (much deserved) internet and mainstream media attention.


This is horrifying, but at the exact same time, quite hilarious. Watch from 0:26. I wish they just looped that image forever.


Fuck FMyLife. I’m sick of the same 4 posts:

1. I did something embarrassing in front of my crush, FML.
2. My parents show more affection towards my pet than to me, FML.
3. My boyfriend is a dick, FML.
4. I’m fat and/or disgusting, FML.

I love me some schadenfreude as much as the next person, but – and I’m shocked to say it – even laughing at the fat kid gets old sometimes.

Instead, I’ve found a new way to kill time at work: Texts from Last Night.

If FML is “Everybody Loves Raymond”, TFLN is “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. Everybody is a 100% horrible person, right down to their rotten core. Hilarity ensues.

I could post some favourites, but really, how do you choose? They’re like my children – I love them all*.

And lastly, here’s a literal version of Total Eclipse of the Heart.

And in the immortal words of Mr. Chow, “Toodaloo, motherfuckaaaaaalalalalalala….”

*Except for the ugly one



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