Operation Henessey

Oh man, I think I went on a drunken eBay binge again. WHAT HAVE I DONE

This is the funniest random, clueless urban myth type retardedness I’ve seen in a while. It’s just wacky enough to meet the tipping point for this stuff. I love it. Check it out on Twitter yourself and absolutely not be surprised at the demographics that are currently trending it. Stay classy, America.

– Hey, someone (whose Tumblr title sounds like a Stormfront-type white supremacy site) made some Breaking Bad Valentine’s Day cards! Pretty great.

– This is a fantastic story about how a bunch of alcoholics in Vancouver have banded together and are now soliciting the government to help give them free booze so that they won’t drink Listerine. The logic is that it’s probably cheaper to fund the requested “drinker’s lounge stocked with vodka, sherry and high-alcohol beer” at about $350 a month per each of the approximate 40 members than to pay for the medical costs when they turn up at emergency rooms after chugging down rubbing alcohol instead. Which might actually be true. This is the most fucking genius idiot I’ve seen in a long time, and I can’t help but slow-golf-clap-applaud the Eastside Illicit Drinkers Group for Education for being such innovative paradigm shifters. The government should give the alcoholicsfree alcohol…to help them. And it’s not like they’re just a bunch of crazy drunks looking for a way to scam the government – no, this is the same respected organization that had already previously secured a $52,000 government grant to research benefits of alcohol maintenance programs. I can’t imagine what they spent that $52,000 on. Bet it was not booze. But I mean the idea makes sense – the only singular hole in the logic is wouldn’t everyone want to participate in this free alcohol program?

But wait, Eastside Illicit Drinkers Group for Education (it’s okay to illicitly drink as long as it’s for education) member Rob Morgan, a First Nations man from a reserve near Terrace, BC has thought of that already. “It would be members only because once word gets out it is free alcohol, everyone that just wants a free drink would show up.” Well seems like they’ve got that one handled. Ironclad!

– Here’s the trailer for Moonrise Kingdom. It might surprise you to know that it is directed by Wes Anderson. Or it might not.

You really think it’s cool for you to hit the sauce with a bun in the oven?



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