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This site will never die.

– Check out this super slick site for Trask Industries, pushing X-Men: Days of Future Past, complete with creepy commercial. And playing Bolivar Trask, the man in charge? 1970′s Peter Dinklage.

– I find the whole relationship between Conan and his assistant Sona Movsesian to be bizarrely hilarious, wherein he just acts like an irredeemable jerk and uses her for comedy bits. There was also a semi-recent Reddit AMA that contains some more anecdotes about horrible things Conan has done.

– What! Daft Punk action figures? Though these look suspiciously like reworked Kamen Rider or Power Ranger figures…Japan, you are getting lazy. Hard to believe the internet hasn’t come up with some crazy Zord or combined form for these guys yet, seriously, what is the hold up. These guys make music or something right? What’s their deal again? Do I have to buy these now? Well goddammit!

– Hey remember in the 70′s when they turned Star Trek into an animated series? Well here’s some of it dubbed with lines from Archer instead, which appropriately enough, gives you Starcher Trek. Sure. Also, here’s a bit about the real life face models for the characters in Archer…which are actually less predictable than you’d believe. Crazy that the voice actress and face actress of Pam actually hang out in real life though, those sound like interesting encounters.

– And hey, remember in like…May, when they turned Star Trek into a second movie? Well apparently the limited edition of the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray set will include a frickin’ phaser. WELL GODDAMMIT NOW I HAVE TO BUY ONE OF THESE TOO NOW THEN I GUESS

– Latino Review, which broke news about GSP casting as Batroc in the upcoming Captain America movie so it clearly knows about non-Latino stuff too, is now reporting that Ryan Gosling and Zac Effron might have met with some dudes from Disney that might be attached to the new Star Wars movie. So…this might be news. As if this movie needs any big name actors attached to it to sell it. It’s goddamn Star Wars! And yes, while all this non-news is still meaningful as it indirectly implies production is actually moving on a brand new Star Wars movie (!!!), I really only have one question. At what point will I be receiving a phaser?

– Apparently someone made an RPG called Kanye Quest 3030. I don’t really know what else you want me to tell you.

– In the greatest science based show crossover with a science based fictional show since Bill Nye appeared on Fox News (ha, topical…?), Mythbusters is apparently going to be doing a Breaking Bad themed episode. I’m curious as to how they’ll do it without spoiling everything for people who haven’t yet watched all of Breaking Bad…and then I realized that they couldn’t. So stay away if you haven’t watched this show yet, I’m serious when I say that you should really watch it yourself at some point, even if it’s years in the future and no one’s around for you to talk about the show with any more because they’ve moved on to newer and fresher things. Final (half) season is coming August 11, so here’s a Bryan Cranston monologue as a trailer. This guy used to be a comedic actor!?!

– Here’s an interesting New York Post article that proclaims the McDouble as the greatest food in human history. And in terms of overall nutritional value for that cost and the relative abundance and availability of it globally…it is not a completely crazy idea. Neat article, though you’ll find that the focus might be less that fast food is awesome, but that the rising costs of all that organic, fair trade bullshit is really making it counterproductive for poor families to eat “healthy”…whatever that means. I’m not gonna lie. I ate one of these today.

You won’t even let me mute C-SPAN during sex. Now, whenever I hear the sound of a congressional session, I get a Pavlovian erection.



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