I Am Often Easily Shocked And Confused


There’s a Diablo 3 expansion now? When did this happen!?! Where was the lead up, the crazy hype train that preceded this? Was Diablo 3 just that bad that no one cared? I feel so old and out of touch.


Ben Affleck is the new Batman? I went back and checked if was an article from The Onion three times over. My brain is struggling to keep up with what this means. I mean granted, yes, he was the bomb in Phantoms yo, and I mean if Clooney’s done it already then it just seems natural here…but…Affleck?


Mike Ehrmantraut’s joining Community? Will be appearing in 11 of 13 episodes, so this ain’t no short lived Omar or Gus Fring type fling here. Unnecessary stunt casting – always a good sign for a dying sitcom. Just kill this show NBC, put it out of it’s misery. No more half measures.


DC is moving the Justice League of America up to Canada? So that it will be named the Justice League of Canada. Ante up, Alpha Flight! Yes, this does sound like a horrible, horrible idea, why do you ask? Also, let’s just be clear here – this is still the Justice League B-team. Instead of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman (who are all on the nationless “Justice League”) they have a Puerto Rican dude called Vibe. And now he’s moving to Moosonee.


The Cronut burger at the CNE is not safe to eat? Lies and slander! What a terrible development for everyone involved. The only reason I had to visit is now up in flames.


Celine Dion has finally joined Twitter!?!

OHMYGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! Two Tweets and 40,333 (and counting) Followers. She is absolutely destroying AL thus far, although you never really know how 2014 will develop.

What a crazy week it’s been.

Hello Carol.



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