A Nightmare That You Keep Waking Up Into

So apparently I have this job now that actually requires that I work at work, instead of not working at work…which is completely just blowing my mind, and crippling my ability to handle the rest of my life. For years and years, work was my daily time of solace and inner reflection…and now it’s been taken away from me. Work is where I developed and satisfied my internet addiction. Now I have to carry this habit with me into my own time?

I don’t know how the rest of the world handles it, but I think I might need to get a handle on this.

– I know you were all bummed out and eagerly awaiting Lil Jon’s return to pop culture relevance, but today I’m happy to announce that he’s back in a joint with DJ Snake, called Turn Down for What, which seems like a question to which I don’t have an answer prepared. Though in this case, the song itself is really secondary to the crazyass video, directed by the duo of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, otherwise known as Daniels (…amazing).

They also directed this promo for Childrens Hospital, which also doubles as a video for a new song from The Shins, It’s Only Life. Maybe I need to start watching this show again. And remember The Shins!?! When they were all like cool and indie? I didn’t know they were still alive! Now I have just doomed you to a horrible spiral into depression as you watch related Garden State clips for the next half hour. It’s what happened to me!

– Whoa, a Funny or Die video? What is this, 2011? But Aubrey Plaza, drugs, a bit related to a children’s candy that goes dark – what’s not to like?

– I think this is a new web series called Hotel Security, and I think it is not bad! I don’t know if it’s good, but it is certainly not terrible!

This Is a Generic Brand Video ridicules the legion of unremarkable commercials out there made from stock footage…and yet itself turns out to be a commercial for stock footage that would enable the creation of more generic commercials. This makes my brain bleed.

– Have you watched True Detective yet? Maybe you should! Because there are parodies rolling in – Joel McHale and Jim Rash did it, Patton Oswalt did it, and there’s even this slick Batman intro. I think I am sick of this show now.

You know the good years when you’re in ’em? Or do you just wait for ’em ’til you get ass cancer and realize the good years came and went? Cause there’s a feeling – you might notice it sometimes – this feeling like life has slipped through your fingers. Like the future’s behind you – like…like it’s always been behind you.



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