Finn Becomes Latest BBC To Receive Rim Job

Yesterday, I didn’t even realize they had actually green-lit a Pacific Rim sequel. So today I not only realized we would be in for more giant-robot/monster-violence-orgies, but that John Boyega will star as the son of Stringer Bell’s Stacker Pentecost to presumably cancel another apocalypse. The strengths of the franchise are fairly straight forward – excessive IMAX robot on monster action and black British characters. As the actual (non-Stacker) human beings involved were the clear weaknesses, this certainly seems like a massive Jaeger-sized step in the right direction.

And considering the Chinese acquisition of the franchise’s production company and distributor in a $3.5 billion deal I feel like you can trust they’re going make note that this was a Hollywood movie that made $111 million in China versus just $101 million domestically. So…I guess just like a lot of Crimson Typhoons, all over the place.

Man, Pacific Rim was goddamn fantastic and I’m so excited to see more. If nothing else it was a fascinating study as to where the line blurs between being a great bad movie or a terrible good movie. I still don’t know!

You like the name? I took it from, uh, my favorite historical character and my second-favorite Szechuan restaurant in Brooklyn.



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