They’re Still Shitty

Some quick words to write.

– What a fucking ride that was. Hard to fault a well constructed team that was playing wells – sometimes you just get beat. Basically the American League’s #2 and #3 offenses just came together in the lowest scoring ALCS in history while Toronto’s bullpen – who lead the league in losses – allowed zero runs. That’s baseball for you.

– A curious look which teams accrued the most frequent flyer miles this season. No surprise the Mariners are up there (they probably lead this every year) but interesting to see the least traveled team was also the league’s best team and the current favourites to win the World Series…even though they haven’t even made it there yet. Baseball is rigged! “Circumstances!”

– Check out the “phantom championship” merchandise for the Toronto Blue Jays. Also known as parallel universe merchandise or this year’s fashion trend for impoverished African children. Although these are likely just digital mock-ups and probably only a few, if any, were actually created. Sorry kids. I thought I would get a funny kick out of this, but I was wrong. It’s too soon, the wound is too fresh still, and the stitches ripped apart like the drone-cut laceration on the pinky finger of Trevor Bauer’s throwing hand. Disgusting.

– Have you watched Luke Cage? It was kinda meh for me, but since it led to this Family Matters intro, that’s all I need. Best one yet!

Freddie Wong’s still making stuff! Big time stuff now – he’s sold out in the greatest way possible. How fun is this, to make such a silly wacky video with such big company characters and all these neato cosplay toys? He made a YouTube video sponsored by Blizzard! God bless you, Freddie.

– Ha, Pikachu dressed up as Mario. That’s hilarious. Also there’s like this new “Switch” thing or whatever, but who cares.

Sweet Christmas!



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