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I just sent out a mass email asking the people managing some particular servers to check the clocks to verify that the DST patch went in correctly this past weekend.

That was two minutes ago.

I just realized that in the email, which was sent to a group of over thirty people, I wrote “cocks” instead of “clocks”.

That was one minute ago.

Currently I am freaking the hell out because I can’t decide on which course of action to now take. I figure that these are my options.

(A) Hope nobody notices.
(B) Send out a quick correction email that reads roughly like “Er…I mean ‘clocks’.”
(C) Kill everyone on the distribution list.

Quickly, the pros and cons…

(A) Pros – No one will acknowledge it. Cons – But everyone will silently laugh at me because they’ll think I didn’t know what I did.
(B) Pros – Acknowledge that I do know. Cons – Completely eliminates the possibility of someone not noticing, potential for open ridicule.
(C) Pros – Nothing to worry about. Cons – Lots more work to pick up the slack for all the dead people.

God…every single second I take to decide makes it more and more difficult to go with (B), which makes me wonder why I’m typing this out right now.

I’m just going to go with (A), never acknowledge it, and just generally pretend it never happened. And anyway, I’d be kind of rude, like Beavis and Butthead style, to bring it up even if they did catch it. The same social laws that I often flaunt now protect me from public embarrassment. How ironic. But everyone will know what I did and forever hold that knowledge, secretly, in their hearts. And I will be silently judged.

But in the event that someone brings it up, it’s (C) all over the place. I’m almost praying for someone to do it now.

Please also verify the Windows and Java patches by checking that the clocks on the Java GUI and the Windows system time match up.



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