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I have been awake for 42 consecutive hours so far. No real reason. It started off as a very light bout of insomnia, and then I just decided that I would skip it entirely, see how long I could ride it for.

So far I’ve broken my previous career high by like 10 hours. And I’ve also fit in a full day’s worth of work at the office and a relatively successful softball game in there as well.

I feel alert, I feel good, I feel like I’m as sharp as a knife right now. I know this to be a complete illusion however, because I just took close to a minute to figure out what five plus seven was…and then I completely forgot why I was even adding those two numbers in the first place. I know for a fact that I’m extremely mentally sluggish right now, although I don’t really feel it at all. But I’m catching myself walking into rooms with no recollection of what I intended to do there originally, and it’s very hard to concentrate on stuff.

So I thought I’d post about it, see if there’s any special insights that a man has while sleep deprived.

So far, no special insights.

I want to break the 50 hour mark. I really don’t think I can do it though.

Work has been the hardest part of it all so far – it should never be this busy on a Friday. I kept catching myself falling into like five second long micro-naps whenever I would stop moving. I kept on daydreaming about being able to inject coffee in a syringe directly right into my heart and how wonderful it would be to get all this cloudy haze out of my ears. It feels like a big thing of cotton candy is growing out of the base of my neck…I need sleep.


By comparison, softball was a lot easier. The other pitcher threw a lot of pitches on the outside part of the plate…and that’s where I live.

I keep seeing weird shapes and shadows moving and flickering, always just on the outermost corners of my vision…I’m pretty convinced that gremlins have invaded my room. Only they’re waiting for like…a special command word before they spring, so now I’m terribly afraid of saying some special uncommonly used word that would activate all the little gremlins that are living on the borders of my sight.


…nope, still here.

Oh man, I have no idea how to end this post. I really don’t feel like pasting a link into this post…I just want to leave whichever ones of you that were unfortunate enough to actually read through this whole thing with a sound that I want you to imagine just as like a very guttural, Wookie-like, groan of mild displeasure.

I think I just stretched it out to 43 hours by writing this retarded post. I can make it to 50. I can do it.

Can’t sleep, clowns with eat me.



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