A Random February Post

No one is at work today on account of the snow storm (?) so I’ve had a number of meetings cancelled today. Meaning I now have additional time to waste by rambling my way incoherently through yet another post.

I received a double whammy of simultaneous bad news yesterday when I was informed that the fees for Project Bachelor Pad were going up due to taxes, and that my ISP would also likely have to increase costs because of this silly CRTC decision on usage based billing. (…I don’t even know why I linked that.)

Damn…it’s hard out here for a pimp. Just trying to get my money for the rent.

– I am just including this news article about some Somali pirates because the headline was really amusing to me.

– I need you all to watch this video containing scenes from Enthiran, which recently became the highest grossing Indian film of all time. Very enjoyable, and I found myself surprised at how much I was enjoying it legitimately, instead of ironically. This is pretty awesome, actually. I caught this link while back, but decided to put it off for a while because the actual video’s like 10 minutes long…but that ended up as probably one of the bigger mistakes I’ve made recently (along with accidentally throwing styrofoam down the recyclables garbage chute…I’m a motherfucking environmental monster). So don’t make the same mistake I made…styrofoam is not always considered recyclable in all parts of the city.

– This is an article about how Kobe Bryant is giving advice to Pau Gasol to embrace the Dark Side of the Force and be more aggressive and look for his own shot more, blah blah blah…wait, what’s this bit here?

“Even when he was in Memphis and he was the go-to guy, he was always very nice,” Bryant said of Gasol. “Very white swan. I need him to be black swan. Be an (expletive) sometimes.”

I’m sorry, but that is the fucking funniest goddamn thing I have ever seen. Kobe is a genius, and please be informed that I am most definitely stealing that for future use. Now where is my obligatory Black Swan poster with Pau’s face photoshopped in?

“I/You dress as Natalie Portman from the movie Black Swan, and you/I dress as former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and Pennsylvania gubernatorial nominee Lynn Swann! We’re two black swans!”



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