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Also Acceptable: That Guy From The Artist

Did you know that in Toronto, odd numbered addresses are always on the south and east side of streets, and that even numbers are always on the north and west? I think I might have already instinctively known that, but I am kind of shocked and embarrassed that I didn’t formally know that as a […]

Not The Matchbox 20 Guy

So here’s something interesting. Rob Thomas, the creator of Veronica Mars (a television series that ended in 2007 and starred Kristen Bell as a high school student moonlighting as a private eye, in case you are like me and completely forgot about it) made a Kickstarter campaign to fund a Veronica Mars movie…which has just […]

Dynamic Duos

I don’t make a lot of serious posts on The WAMBAG, because generally speaking it’s not a very suitable medium for communicating authentic emotions, or really, anything that isn’t about mildly amusing YouTube videos. Though from time to time, real posts of substance manage to sneak through, those are largely the exception. Today will also […]


Destined to fight the world's evil, The WAMBAG endures massive battles involving impossible stunts, races on horse-pulled carriages, and the desecration of enchanting medieval castles (all done with dizzying computer graphics). Not only does the eye candy keep on coming, the tongue-in-cheek writing and deep Transylvanian accents perfect the film with a dose of dark humor.



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