The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It is upon us!

Actually it was yesterday but I don’t think there’s an expectation of timely posts anymore, so I think we should all be happy with what we have.

While you’re here, please enjoy this 32 second cartoon called Frasier and Niles Become Demon Lords, a video that came out about a year ago, about a show that ended 15 years ago. I think it actually does a very good job of hitting the beats of a typical episode.

I bet it’s hard to not make a Frasier parody with love. And to prove that, here’s another one from 30 Rock.

Snow dad’s better than no dad!



Destined to fight the world's evil, The WAMBAG endures massive battles involving impossible stunts, races on horse-pulled carriages, and the desecration of enchanting medieval castles (all done with dizzying computer graphics). Not only does the eye candy keep on coming, the tongue-in-cheek writing and deep Transylvanian accents perfect the film with a dose of dark humor.



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