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Learned this morning that Christian Bale will be the next Batman. It’s good news to me. Actually, I’ve been hearing nothing but good news for the next Batman movie.

Christopher Nolan as director – Momento’s one of my favourite movies. Like…top ten, maybe top five if I took the time to think about it. No more ice skating, rubber nipple wearing, anti-shark spraying Batmen anymore baby! Grim and gritty – that’s the way to go. Ain’t It Cool News has some additional information, saying it’s going to be an “early” Batman type of deal, and with Ra’s Al Ghul as the main baddie. Both sound great to me – I always thought Ra’s Al Ghul was pretty badass.

But if it’s going to be early Batman, that means it’s gotta be early Jim Gordon, and in a more prominent role as well. My casting suggestion? …Ahnuld. Done. Think about it – add a mustache, give him a trenchcoat, and it’s like he was born for the role. …or if he’s busy with his California thing, then Kiefer Sutherland (aka Psycho Jack Bauer) would be the ideal Gordon. Both casting suggestions of course, shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone that visits this site. And thus, I have fulfilled the quota of one Ahnuld mention per update. I’ll be honest – it’s a very satisfying life, this one I lead.



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