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The Big Hit #1

What is “The Big Hit”? Well ever since I’ve been a part of the Wambag, I’ve had like 3 posts. That’s pretty sad and you know what, I’ve always wanted to post more, but I’m just too darn lazy. I mean, why post on a blog site when I could be:

a) Playing videogames

b) Watching sports

c) Downloading internet kiddy porn

d) Downloading internet kiddy porn

Well as opposed to posting like once or twice in a month randomly, I’ve decided to make Friday my “scheduled” post time. Like Yak, I will put up a bunch of neato links I’ve come across during the week and perhaps I’ll make things interesting in the weeks to come (probably won’t cause I’m lazy).

1) www.fuckmarrykill.com Given a choice between Anna Kournikova, Beyonce Knowles, and Claire Daines, you have to kill one of them, marry one of them, and *ahem* FUCK one of them. Oh the choices…

2) www.badtoonrising.com Ever wanted to draw something in class, say a cartoon character? I know I have, but I can never remember how the fuck they look! You can always see them perfectly in your head, but when it comes to put them on paper, you end up with something that looks like the character got beaten by a bat.

3) http://movies.flabber.nl/Ford.Ka/ A commercial for the “Ford Sportka”. 1 pigeon dead… 30957123591 more to go. If everyone in the world bought one of these cars, we could finally rid the world of pigeons.

4) www.gunbound.net Ahh yes Gunbound, my new favorite online game. Imagine “Worms” and the classic “Scorched Earth”. This game is like a combo of both, but FREE! The graphics are awfully pretty for a free thing and there is online play. This is quite possibly one of the coolest things I’ve stumbled upon during my journeys through the net. (95mb download)

Ok thats all I’ve got, so scram. Kobe!



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